Sleep Group

The Regional Sleep Service is a large, research active sleep centre fully integrated with respiratory medicine. Dr Kirstie Anderson (Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer) runs the neurological sleep service and Dr Sophie West coordinates the respiratory service with dedicated in patient polysomnography beds, video telemetry and a range of out patient investigations including domiciliary polysomnography and actigraphy. In total there are four consultants, two specialist nurses and six clinical physiologists within the service seeing more than 2500 new patients a year.

Current research projects are recruiting patients for studies into narcolepsy, nonREM parasomnias, sleep disturbance in bipolar and parkinson’s disease. A large cohort study (ASCRIBE) looking to understand the sleep disturbance seen in chronic mental health problems has been running since 2012 and there are strong collaborative links between Academic Psychiatry, The Institute of Neuroscience and the Centre for Ageing Research Unit as well as the MOVElab with Professor Mike Trenell. Novel accelerometry algorithms to record sleep in large cohorts are being developed using the Biobank cohort. Doctoral students, masters students, and postdoctoral scientists work within the current sleep research projects.

Principle Investigators

Kirstie Anderson runs the neurological sleep service and has research interests in hypersomnia, insomnia and parasomnias. She lectures nationally on all aspects of sleep and health and has published extensively on sleep disorders. She co-presented Goodnight Britain and helped establish an online insomnia course, “sleep station“.

Jason Ellis is Director of The Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research (NCSR), a state of the art research centre looking at both physiological aspects of sleep, as well as working closely with clinical researchers on sleep disorders. He is internationally renowned for his work on insomnia.┬áHe co-presented Goodnight Britain“.

Some sleep resources are available here.

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