MS Group

The MS group provides specialist clinical support to the entire North of England, is heavily involved in clinical trials and also a growing laboratory based research group.

Principle Investigators

David Bates trained in Cambridge, London, Newcastle and the Mayo. He is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neurology and continues to play leadership roles for various committees and journals.

His research interests are in vascular disease, coma and the unconscious patient and predominantly in multiple sclerosis. He has published more than 150 peer reviewed papers, edited three textbooks and contributed chapters to more than 40. His research legacy was the development of a clinical trials unit for novel therapies in multiple sclerosis, cost effectiveness of disease modifying therapy, and the role of mitochondria in protecting and repairing axons in the more chronic phases of MS.

Martin Duddy is heavily involved in further expanding the MS clinical research base, as well as playing a major role in education. He is now clinical director for neurosciences.

Joe Guadagno (Hons) Following undergraduate medical training at Glasgow University, including a BSc in Neuroscience, he undertook Neurology training in Royal Perth Hospital, Australia initially, returning to the UK to obtain a PhD from Cambridge University. He obtained a Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship at the VU Medical centre Amsterdam under Professors Chris Polman and Fred Barkof. He is a Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Clinical Lecturer with a special interest in MS and is involved in numerous MS trials and developing his own research interests in MS.

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