Epilepsy Group

A rapidly growing epilepsy research base covering genetics, neuroimmunology, electrophysiology and clinical is reflected in the annual North East Epilepsy Conference. A particular emphasis is on integrative, translational research.

Principle Investigators

Patrick Chinnery is a Professor of Neurogenetics, Wellcome Senior Fellow in Clinical Science and Honorary Consultant and is currently establishing new epilepsy genetics programmes.

Douglas Crompton returned to the North East in 2009 having trained with Sam Berkovic in Australia. His particular interest is epilepsy genetics.


Mark Cunningham
http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ion/staff/profile/mark.cunningham is using high-density microelectrode arrays in human epileptic brain to understand the development of abnormal epileptogenic rhythms and is also addressing the pathogenic mechanisms underlying epilepsy associated with auto-immune encephalitidies.

Yvonne Hart relocated from Oxford to lead the epilepsy surgery service and provide further clinical input into the growing epilepsy research cluster. She also sits on a number of national and international epilepsy committees.

Margaret Jackson sits on the NICE epilepsy advisory board. She trained in Newcastle & was appointed as a consultant neurologist in 1994. Her special interest in epilepsy led to the development of the epilepsy service and the epilepsy nurse specialist post in Newcastle Hospitals. She was awarded the British Epilepsy Association (now Epilepsy Action) Jubilee Award for this service. She is active in collaborative research in epilepsy and works with a research team in the university and neurophysiology. Development of community epilepsy management is her next goal.

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Roger Whittaker’s clinical and research interest is in the neurophysiology of mitochondrial diseases. These inherited conditions are associated with an increased risk of epilepsy, peripheral neuropathy, neuromuscular junction abnormalities and myopathy. His interest is in characterising the clinical aspects of these complications, investigating the underlying pathophysiology and in developing techniques to determine which patients are most at risk of developing them. He holds an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer position in the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University.

Miles Whittington has a major interest in mechanisms that generate oscillatory activity with neural networks, how this activity is sustained and how is modulated in various normal and pathological conditions.

Andy Trevelyan is an electrophysiology scientist conducting clinical translational work in deciphering exactly what EEGs tell us about the location of seizure activity.

Marcus Kaiser is a computational neuroscientist who is analysing and simulating the spreading of activity in hierarchical clustered networks to understand the spreading of epileptic seizures.


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