The ABN has a major commitment to all aspects of education and training of current and future neurologists. In 2007 it decided to start an annual undergraduate prize of £200 open to all current United Kingdom medical students to encourage undergraduates to take an interest in neurology.

Details of Prize

1. The prize is for:
a) A project, audit or piece of research
b) A neurological clinical case of particular neurological or ethical interest with appropriate discussion.

2. The written account should be submitted as a Word or pdf document by the 31st January 2012 electronically to: It must be accompanied by a completed front sheet, available from Josie Shew.

3. The presentation must be for a piece of work undertaken since entering medical school and not as part of any previous degree project such as a graduate entry students who may have done prior neuroscience research.

4. We are keen to encourage as wide a possible range of projects including special studies modules and electives abroad.

5. The presentation (written account) should be of the following format:

a) A short summary of the work (maximum 250 words)
b) The presentation should have a maximum length of 1000 words (excluding above summary)
c) The presentation should contain a maximum of 3 figures, tables or graphs
d) The presentation should contain a maximum of 10 references.


Copies of all applications will be seen by at least two members of the ABN, usually senior members of the Training and Education Committee (TEC).

The successful candidate will be informed by TEC Chair within 6 weeks of the closing date.

Prize winners and others whose projects are felt to be of particularly high quality will be invited to present their work at a national ABN meeting.

Important Note

Applicants MUST keep within the guidelines as set out in 5 above. Those not complying will not be scored.

ABN Training & Education Committee January 2011

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